Company Profile

Oil producers around the world have been scouting for opportunities to be able to produce Oil & Gas at rates that make them profitable. The ability to produce Oil & Gas at cheaper rates is directly linked to the ability of these producers to cut down on their operational costs. This scenario in the oil and gas industry requires manufacturers of drilling equipment to be able to supply quality products combined with competitive pricing and a faster delivery. In order to achieve this unique combination, a consortium of people having technical expertise from various fields, came together to build a Joint-Venture company in USA. This company as we know today is known globally as Technical oil tools(TOT).

Our JV has been devised in such a manner that we have direct access to some of the leading steel mills in Germany, Italy, Ukraine and Korea for all raw materials of various grades. As a result of this JV, our customers have access to the huge stock-pile of raw material of various grades and sizes that we hold at TOT.

Vast experience in this field, as an Export-Oriented-Unit – TOT has had the privilege of serving customers around the globe with its superior and quality driven products. While a higher percentage of products are exported to customers based in USA, UK, Middle East, Venezuela and the Far East, TOT also has a strong presence in the thriving Oil & Gas industry around the world.

At TOT, we are a manufacturing company which meet API standard that has in our product line a variety of products in drilling equipment.

Global technical auditors have repeatedly endorsed TOT’s manufacturing and confirmed its benchmarking with best practices, accredited to international standards.

TOT’s success as an API standard facility lies in its commitment towards providing constant training and holding discussions between TOT personnel and industry players worldwide; with the goal of improving productivity and quality objectives. The core strength of TOT is its highly motivated and empowered staff. Their domain knowledge, experience and expertise, combined with the high-tech methodological approach employed at TOT, results in process competence and delivery of a product of the highest standard.

TOT’s technical advantage over its competitors has been its ability to manufacture various products for both the Oil & Gas as well as the Mining industries on an OEM basis. We are the company in USA that manufacturers various fishing / down hole remedial tools & other Drilling Equipment on an OEM basis.

With its determined and aggressive approach, combined with TOT’s competent personnel and technological advantages, TOT is definitely working towards its goal to becoming a market leader in the manufacturing and repairing of drilling Equipment for the Oil & Gas , Mining industries.