Downhole Motor

Model DT Down-hole motor is a positive-displacement motor.It converts the high fluid power of drilling fluid into mechanical energy for bit rotation.

Down-hole motors are widely used in the drilling,kick-off,azimuth control,coring,reaming,side tracking and workover for the directional wells,horizontal wells,side tracked wells and straight wells of oilfields and coal mines.

In addition, the down-hole motors are suitable for combination drilling.

Specification :

DUPM provides various sizes of down-hole motors for the size through 3-1/2″ – 17-1/2″, Popular sizes are 2-7/8″,3-1/8″,3-1/2″,3-3/4″,4″ 4-3/4″, 6-1/2″, 6-3/4″, 7-3/4″ ,8″,8-1/2″,9-5/8″,DUPM is able to provide down-hole motors of special specifications, high-speed, medium-speed and low-speed down-hole motors upon customer’s special request.