Well Test Trailer Mounted Package

This is a Stock build package based on a Twin trailer concept with Primary Well Test Trailer installed with set of H2S / CO2 service process equipment for Zone 1 area use and Secondary Office, Workshop and Utility trailer installed with support equipment for safe area use. Both trailers are supplied with multiple manual jacks with large foot pads and fold up walkways with lightweight handrails on all sides and multiple sets of steps with handrails to ground level for easy and fast deployment of trailer package for operations. Also includes removable steel roof structures to provide cover and shade over the open areas between the installed equipment. Integrated electrical generation and distribution system including internal and external flood lighting is also included in the trailer package with the Primary trailer electrical equipment complying with the Zone 1 Eexd standard throughout and the Secondary trailer housing the electrical generation package and distribution system complying with the safe area standard. Also includes a fully integrated changeover panel with connection box to allow the use of an external power supply when required. Instrument air compressor package with large capacity tank and distribution system to both trailers is also housed on the secondary trailer. Jumper cable and jumper hose for interconnection of electrical power and instrument air between the trailers are stored on easy access cable and hose wraps on the primary trailer.

Primary or Well test trailer for Zone 1 use is a step frame or goose neck type tri-axle trailer with rough terrain tyres as standard. Overall length of the trailer is 58ft with an overall payload capacity of 40 Tons. Well test equipment items are interconnected with permanent flowlines and manifolding from hammer union inlet connection at rear of trailer through the process items to gas, oil, water and vent outlet hammer union connections along the sides of the trailer. Standard equipment package supplied on this Primary trailer consists of,

  • 1 x WOM 3” 1502F x M 10Kpsi Integral data header with pressure and temperature ports.
  • 1 x ESD panel, 3Kpsi, Twin outlet with set of remote shutdown buttons, Hi-Lo pressure pilots, high pressure hoses and pilot hoses.
  • 1 x WOM 200M 3 1/16” 10Kpsi 5 valve Choke manifold with adjustable and fixed choke boxes and complete set of choke beans.
  • 1 x 42” x 10ft 1440psi Separator with inlet, outlet and bypass manifolding, 6” & 2” Gas metering, 2” & 1” Oil metering and 1” Water metering.
  • 1 x 50 Bbl, 50 Psi H2S / CO2 service Surge tank, twin compartment with inlet, outlet and bypass manifolding, calibrated sight glasses and Hi-Lo level alarms and Steam heating coil.
  • 2 x 5000 BPD 100psi electrically driven centrifugal Transfer pumps with inlet and outlet isolation ball valves including check valves on the outlet of each unit.

Standalone Equipment – Ex-stock Subject to Prior Sale

  • 1 x 60ft Skid Mounted Hydraulic 2 section Vertical Flare Stack – 8″ Main gas line
  • 1 x 40ft Trailer mounted Hydraulic 2 section Vertical Flare Stack – 6″ Main gas line
  • 4 x 3,000 BPD, 150psi Screw type Oil Transfer Pumps – Eexd Zone 1, Nace Trim
  • 2 x 4,000 BPD, 300psi Screw type Oil Transfer Pumps – Eexd Zone 1, Nace Trim
  • 4 x 5,000 BPD, 150psi Centrifugal type Oil Transfer Pumps – Eexd Zone 1, Nace Trim
  • 2 x 10,000 BPD, 250psi Centrifugal type Oil Transfer Pumps – Eexd Zone 1, Nace trim
  • 3 x Onshore Burner Heads with 15,000 BPD capacity with ignition system in Crash frame
  • 1 x Set of 3″1502 x 50ft and 2″1502 x 60ft 10,000psi Flow and Kill line CoflexipCoflon hoses in DNV baskets
  • 1 x Set of 3″16BX Hub x 60ft and 2″16BX Hub x 60ft 10,000psi Flow and Kill line CoflexipCoflon hose in DNV basket
  • 2 x Sets of Wireless Data Acquisition systems including Pressure, Temperature and Flow transmitters
  • 3 x Sets of 3,000psi ESD and 15,000psi PTP Panels with hydraulic hoses and accessories
  • 3 x Sets of Ancillaries including Chemical Injection Pump, DWT, Pressure Recorder and Ranarex Gas Gravitometer
  • 3 x Sets of Operational Spare parts and accessories


Standard package

  • Flowhead
  • Coflexip Hoses
  • Surface Safety Valve
  • Data Headers
  • Choke Manifold
  • Chemical Injection Pump
  • Dead Weight Tester
  • Pressure Recorder
  • Gas Gravitometer
  • Steam Exchanger (Offshore)
  • Indirect Water bath Heater (Onshore)
  • Separator
  • Surge Tank
  • Gauge Tank
  • Transfer pump
  • Oil & Gas Diverter Manifolds
  • Burner, Boom and King Post (offshore)
  • Burner (onshore)
  • Interconnecting pipe work in Pipe Racks
  • Workshop Container
  • Office Container Pressurized (Offshore)
  • Office Container non pressurized (Onshore)
  • Data Acquisition Systems

Components may be customized to specific customer demand.